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[07 Dec 2005|09:38am]


All of my items are now available on eBay: www.Jessifly.com

Click below!

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New Items *Paypal* only sale!!! [06 Nov 2005|07:18pm]


Some items under the cut include: Womens small and medium clothing from Roxy, the Buckle, PacSun, Hot Topic, Aeropostale, Fossil, Delia's and more. New leather jacket, New Balance running shoes (w 8), new ski/snowboard Marmot jacket, a DVD burner, a New HP scanner, a laptop messenger bag, a day planner, and more!

I am having a big sale! So many new items to start your Christmas shopping early or just buy for yourself!

This sale will be available to Paypal (non-CC) buyers only for the first week (11/6 to 11/12). Also US buyers only, no international sales on these items.

Comment or email me (Jessifly_LJ@yahoo.com) to make a purchase, I will send you an invoice on a first come first serve basis. Payment will be due within 3 days of invoice.

Prices given include shipping but I will definately combine shipping on multiple items to save you $$$!!!

Click the cut below for a list and links to pics (dial-up safe) or see my journal at www.Jessifly.com and look under new items for all pics at once (image heavy).

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And here is some great CLEARANCE DEALS on some of my already listed items:
1. take everything under "Cosmetics" (13 items) for $15 shipped
2. take every shirt listed under "t-shirts and tanks" (7 items) for $ 15 shipped
3. take every sweater and shirt under "shirts" (10 items) for $40 shipped
4. take every item under "skirts & dressy shirts" (7 items) for $25 shipped
5. take all "swimwear and bras" (6 items) for $15 shipped
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[28 Oct 2005|10:22pm]


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Tons of items updated and lots more to come! [28 Jun 2005|07:44pm]


Just updated today!  (6/28/05)  *Click the picture above*

  • Lots of juniors clothing from brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Mudd, Express, Hydraulic, Levi's, Gap, Roxy, Delia's, and more
  • Mens clothing brands like Old Navy and Levi's
  • Shoes in women's size 8
  • Swimwear from Mossimo and bikini's
  • some DIY
  • Lot's of CD's still available

Many items are new and most are under $10 ~ or make me an offer!

I have a gazillion more items to list including more clothing, purses, cosmetics, toys, books and so much more... So bookmark me or add me to your friends list and check back often!


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[01 Apr 2005|12:46pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Hi! I just joined. ^_^ I <3 Pac Sun! Its like...the only store I know of that sells Element and Bam Stuff (Hot Topic has some Viva la Bam things, though). Great store!

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[25 Mar 2005|12:31am]

hey I just joined

I love pac sun so much!!
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[29 Jan 2005|11:31pm]

Well I adore pac sun so I decided to make a community :D Ill make some banners and things later. But for right now just join and post :D Im going to be posting some cool things later.
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